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The Lone Pint Brewery is a grassroots insurrection with the true beer lover in mind. We are dedicated to creating distinctive local Texas ales that are tasty, hoppy, and quaffable. We use raw whole cone hops for bittering, flavoring, aroma, and dry hopping additions in all of our brews. However, an equally important ingredient is the renewable energy that powers our Brewery. The spent grain is fed to a local dairy farmer's cows and the spent hops are composted.

Craft brewing is an American institution. Our brewhouse and tanks are from Nevada, our boiler from Pennsylvania, our kegging machine from California, our chiller from Oregon, and our mill from Canada (close enough, eh!). Point being, we kept the love at home, doing our part to insure that craft brewing will always remain an American institution.

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Update, October 2nd:

Our Ghost Chile Porter, UndeadHeadEd, is out to welcome in the fall season. Very scrumptious. Seek it.

Important: anyone looking to visit the Brewery this Saturday, please park only in the areas designated on this map:

This is only for this weekend. Normal parking resumes next weekend. Cheers!


Update, September 11th:

We have quite a few new releases scheduled for the coming months:

Our Ghost Chile Porter and Braggot are back! Plus the newest Zythophile is just around the corner...stay tuned.


Update, August 3rd:

This Saturday Grifters & Shills will be playing along with touring songwriter Brad Fielder!


Update, July 31st:

This Saturday Little Outfit will be playing!


Update, July 20th:

Lone Pint Brewery has been nominated by The Daily Meal for their 50 Best Craft Breweries in America!

Cheers! Please vote for us!


Update, June 17th:

Lily & Seamus has been re-released as a hoppy wheat, perfect for summer quaffling: Pours a frothy white head, with a hazy yellow body. The nose is primarily orange, with notes of tangerine, apricot, and pine. Upfront it has a light malt presence with light breadiness. It finishes dry and hoppy. 41 IBU's and 5.8% AbV.

The Culture Trip voted us one of the 10 Best Craft Breweries in Texas! Thanks guys!



Update, June 1st:



Update, May 19th:

We will be brewing a batch of Yellow Rose in Austin this weekend at Bangers. Come check it out!


Update, April 28th:

Come join us on May 2nd for the Magnolia Corks n Canvas Festival on the Stroll!

*** We will be closed on Saturday, May 16th. ***


Update, April 8th:

Zythophile Equinox is out! Seek it. This is a new new hop just released last year.


Update, March 11th:

Check out the March issue (#98) of Beer advocate. They did a little piece on us. Thanks Beer advocate!

Also, the Second Annual Houston Firkin Festival is on March 28th. Come sample some exotic cask ales.


Update, February 19th:

The next Zythophile is coming in a few weeks!

Also, we have changed our food format on Saturdays. There is now food for purchase.


Update, January 28th:

Gentleman's Relish Nitro is back. Good times will be had by all!


Update, January 6th:

Happy 2015 all!


Update, December 17th:

We will be closed on Saturday, December 27th, for Christmas. Cheers!


Update, November 28th:

Knecht Ruprecht II

Our second holiday ale is a Ghost Chile Robust Port. It uses Maris Otter as the base malt, a crazy variety of specialty malts, and American hops. Ghost Chiles were added both in the kettle and post-fermentation.

Tasting notes: dark chocolate in color with a rich head; strong malt body; subtle chile flavor and bite.

ABV: 6.7%    IBUs: 36

The recipe is courtesy of a good friend of the Brewery. Thanks Ed!


Update, November 17th:

We will be closed on Saturday, November 29th, for the Thanksgiving holiday. Cheers!


Update, November 6th:

The Texas Renaissance Festival is in full swing right now. Those of you wanting to visit the brewery but forgo the traffic should try this route:

Start - US290 - Heading West

Exit Mueschke Rd -0.2 mi

Turn right onto Mueschke Rd - 7.5 mi

Turn left onto Waller-Tomball Rd (FM2920) - 1.7 mi

Turn right onto Roberts Cemetery Rd - 3.3 mi

Turn right onto Nichols Sawmill Rd - 7.8 mi

Turn left onto Commerce St - 0.2 mi

End - 507 Commerce St. Magnolia, TX 77355


Update, October 22nd:

Our yearly Braggot, Po-Cha-Na-Quar-Hip, is out and about! Those of you who are mead lovers, specifically bochet, will notice similar burnt honey notes. We also threw in some red hibiscus flowers for good measure. Enjoy!

Also, Yellow Rose did this:  


Update, October 14th:

*** Bottlegate 2014 ***

Due to numerous queries that we have received concerning our bottle release date, we have the following explanation:

We received word from a high level government intelligence agency that aliens were planning to steal our magical Golden Yellow Rose; the source of the beer's power. To prevent this, it was necessary to hide the Golden Yellow Rose in a deep, dark cave for a few weeks.


We encountered new product logistical issues that needed to be worked through with our distributor and retailers. Basically, 2/3's of the bottles released were bottled on October 6th, with the other 1/3 a few weeks earlier. The beer is fresh and tasty.

Conspiracies aside, please understand that Lone Pint is a small family owned brewery that is very passionate about beer. To suggest otherwise is...


Update, October 1st:

It's official, Yellow Rose is going bottle.

Please join us for our bottle launch party at Spec's Store #00 downtown on October 13th at 10am.

If you are coming to Saturday's brewery tour, please refrain from parking in the open lot adjacent to the brewery; another event is using it this weekend. Please park at the open lot at Commerce and 6th Street:


Update, September 30th:

Our newest single hop brew shipped today:

Zythophile Summit

American two-row malted barley, Munich malt, and Summit hops

Tasting notes: This hop imparts a resiny-piney bitterness with herby hints of Colorado.

ABV: 7.3%    IBUs: 63

Also, at Saturday's tour we will be looking for the best beard:


Update, September 21st:

Please join us this weekend for our weekly tour starting at noon and stay for Magnolia's Stroll Through the Renaissance Festival. Good times will be had by all!


Update, August 29th:

Our next single hop brew has been released: Zythophile Belma. It uses German Pilsner & Maris Otter with rare Belma hops; orange color with medium body. This hop imparts light tropical fruit & melon notes (maybe a hint of strawberry) with a sweet hoppiness and clean bitterness. ABV: 7.0% IBUs: 48


Update, August 17th:

Where to begin...

Houstonia Magazine thinks that Lone Pint is the second best brewery in Houston.

The rumors are true: we have a small bottling line arriving soon. We will sell 750mL bottles with Yellow Rose, 667, and Gentleman's Relish being the first out the door. Look for them in 4-6 weeks.

Another Braggot is on the way, just in time for Autumn and the Renaissance Festival. This year's batch will contain burnt honey and hibiscus.


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